Reception & feeding solutions for RDF management

Bianna Sera has the expertise, the technology and the right solutions to answer specific  queries  about any turnkey project” regarding preparation, storing, and bulk fuel handling.

A great number of companies take a chance on combustion coming from RDFs.

Opting for an integral management collecting, storing and transporting the material from the treatment plant to the furnace is crucial for the profitability of the facility or the treatment plant.

Bianna Sera was created with the aim of adding the knowhow to the expertise of two leading companies in this field, paving the way in management, storage and transportation of RDF (CSR) for companies who need to produce energy from the combustion.

  • Belt conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Bucket elevator
  • Belt elevator
  • Handling screw
  • Buffer hopper
  • Scrapers
  • Screw reclaimer with tube
  • Rotative screw reclaimer
  • Moving floor
  • Crane
  • Disc separator
  • Flat rotative screen
  • Drum screen
  • Ferrous separator
  • Non-ferrous separator
  • Unloading station
  • Unloading screw hopper
  • Special unloading conveyor
  • Unloading moving floor


We offer our customers our expertise to design and implement complete chains tailored to specific constraints which are linked to the heterogeneity of the RDF.

Bianna Sera is also involved in the improvement of processes regarding  the reduction of power consumption, hygiene and safety.