Thanks to the acquired experience in this field and on the basis of material to be carried, location in the selection process and sort of equipments to be feeded,  different conveyors belts models have been developed.


  • Models developed according to the acquired know-how.
  • Top brand components purchase.
  • Investment optimization adjusted to the process.
  • Compliance with quality and safety regulations.

In addition to standard equipments, Bianna MassMak has a technical department which is able to provide special solutions for any need that may arise.


Conveyor belt made of steel sheets,  and specifically designed for the transportation of  large volumes of light fractions, as EEL , paper, cardboard…

Conveyor belt made of steel sheet designed specifically for the transportation of light fractions as EELL, paper, cardboard…

Conveyor belt over heavy metal plates used for the feeding through hydraulic grabs in RSU or FORM treatment plants.

Chain conveyor belt with rubber band and  metal contours used for both, EELL lines feeding and baling press feeding ofrecoverable sub-products which are separated in treatment plants.  

Great speed acceleration conveyor belt sliding over a steel sheet, specially designed for the feeding of the optical separator.  

Conveyor belt running over horizontal rollers, generally used in manual selection process of RSU treatment plants.  

Undersize conveyor belt running above steel sheet, generally used for quality control positions in the optical separators exit.  

Conveyor belt running over tilted rollers, specially used for the heavy materials transport as organic, glasses, RCD’s, etc.

Rotating and reversible conveyor belt running over tilted rollers.