BC CoverTech is a technological solution for the biological treatment of the biodegradable waste, not only the waste from RSU, but also the waste from major producers, as well as the waste from wastewaters treatments plants.

Through BC CoverTech we obtain great quality compost just with a minimum investment compared to other technologies. No edification is required and can be placed outdoors. Neither does it required the bio-filters use for the process air purification.

We have focused our efforts on the humidity waste fraction in order to develop a new technology which allow us to obtain the highest performance in the urban waste treatment minimizing the operating costs through two different applications: bio-drying and compost.

The folding and unfolding of the canvas can be performed thanks to an automatic system (sliding carriage by rails or wheels) or semi-automatic (sliding carriage lengthways by guides).



Covertech Biodry is a technology solution based on the decomposition principle of organic material provided with artificial air ventilation system. This way the drying temperature is controlled until the optimal required humidity is reached in the downstream processes. Because of a high energetic dependence on the usual fossil fuel, our aim is to obtain a sufficiently high calorific value to produce an alternative fuel, so the usual industrial fossil fuel as the cement or electric industry can be replaced.


  • Alternative fuel with high calorific value.
  • Organic material with low H2O content.



Covertech Composting is a biological treatment which obtains a decomposition degree suitable enough to achieve high quality compost and/or to get a bio-stabilized material allowing an appropriate use, thanks to a rigorous control of ventilation, humidity and temperature conditions.


  • Compost from MOR o FORM
  • Compost from DA digestao
  • Compost from EDAR muds
  • Compost from vegetal fraction
  • Bio-stabilized material


It is a three-ply canvas formed by two polyester plies (inside/outside) and an internal membrane, which has got the particular feature of just letting breath the H2O steam, but not the molecules of Volatile Organic Compounds. These molecules cause unpleasant odors during the fermentation process of the biodegradable materials, not only in the compost process but in the bio-stabilization and bio-drying process as well.

Other important features are summarized here next: waterproofing, antibacterial treatment, high tear / pulling / chemical and UV radiation resistance.