Over the years the waste mechanical treatment facilities not only need to be modernized in order to suit new technologies in terms of separation and staff security but need to improve its degree of automation as well.

Many of these facilities continue to meet the specific requirements they were developed and designed for. Their grade of obsolescence not only can make them lose competitiveness but to put at risk people they are working there as well. The use of new materials for the manufacture of consumer goods arriving at treatment plants is beyond question. This will be the right time to redefine their design and look for the most current and automatic processes in order to increase profitability and improve operating accounts.

The facility regular updating in order to make a more efficient process, both technically and economically, it is a must for Bianna MassMak. The experience we are endorsed by, allow us to survey the existing facilities and offer the best option for their improvement.

Any kind of facility (MSW, MRF, IND, RDF, etc.) is likely to be considered in order to incorporate a better improvement of the process, performance and profitability.

The re-engineering of existing facilities, whether they are Bianna’s technology or not, is therefore one of the main fields in which Bianna MassMak develops its activity, having an specific technic department which offers a wide range of solutions and services.


  • Manual treatment plants automation.
  • Material separation quality improvement.
  • Performance increase and processes improvements.
  • Equipment energy consumption optimization.
  • Full compliance with CE regulation.
  • Technical advising