Bianna Recycling, is a leading Spanish corporation in the field of engineering and equipment manufacturing, providing solutions for the waste treatment management, the history of which goes back to 1990. Up until now, Bianna MassMak enjoys more than 120 treatment facilities all over the world.   

Mass Makina, is a multinational leader  in  Turkey in the field of manufacturing equip-  ment for different sectors like mining and cement since 1996. The company  manufactures individual equipment, build plants and other projects “turn-key” and makes available to its customers  engineering services, consulting  and maintenance.

Bianna MassMak is a top level multinational corporation in engineering, design and equipment manufacturing for waste management and treatment, whose history goes back to 1990. Since then, it has been fully engaged with the development and professionalization of this field.

After more than 25 years, Bianna MassMak opens up a new phase, image and mentality, aligned closely with our history and background, with a new open-mind to understand this constantly developing field, which requires an ever more flexible, profitable and tangible solutions.

Bianna MassMak has become a worldwide leading global supplier, thanks to the expertise and the wide knowledge of all areas in the waste management, including all the key stages within the value chain.


We offer our clients high quality products and services, which create brand loyalty through qualified labour and the satisfaction of our shareholders’ expectations as we strive to maintain the sustainable growth of the organization.



The waste is added to the economic cycle as a high profitable feature:
Landfill sites liquidation and emissions reduction provide us a greater output.


According to CAPEX and OPEX, the operation profit outcome leads us to analyse and project the best technological solutions.


We not only set a new way to understand the waste management, but a  practical implementation as well. We search for new actors, new operational processes and new ways to face the same problem.


Bianna MassMak is led by a highly professional management with over 20 years experience within the sector.


  • Rigour and professionalism
  • Working as a team
  • Differentiation and innovation
  • Client orientation
  • Anticipation




More than 150 references in treatment plants worldwide.



Our staff is one of the main company’s assets. A unique, young and motivated team with a wide technical knowledge and a clear international vocation.


Bianna Recyling has located its headquarters in Girona (Spain) where, in addition to the technical and commercial offices, the company has extensive industrial facilities with a huge production capacity. Internationally, Bianna expands to Brazil and Turkey, where it has highly equipped production centers. They all add up to a total area of more than 35,000 m2.

The company has got international delegations in Madrid, France, United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal, Middle East, Colombia, Greece, Mexico and Brasil, duly represented by its Country Manager.

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