Both the urban waste facilities and industrial waste facilities can incorporate “modular plants” for the alternative fuels production. The aim of these facilities is the recovery of the waste, reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill and producing fuels for different processes, in order to obtain electric and thermal energy, which can be also used fot its inceneration in cement plants.

Bianna MassMak integrates the best available technologies to offer clients the most efficient solutions in the production of solid recovered fuels or waste derived fuels as storage system with automatic unloading (bunkers), fluff injection pneumatic systems and pellets in cement plants and feeders.


Bianna MassMak designs facilities which are fully engaged in the alternative fuels production from multiple sources waste or mixed facilities for the recyclable recovered material and CSR production.

Inclusion of the best available technologies to the shredding field, pelletizing and elements  in order to implement the cement plants for the CSR consumption, complements de full range of Bianna MassMak’s products, which help us to provide optimal solutions in terms of production and maintenance costs.


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